To Open New Doors You Should Stop Knocking At The Closed Ones

We all go through multiple phases of life. Sometimes we left something by our own choice and sometimes things left us due to certain reasons. The way we react is all that matters. We are sent on earth with a predestined path to walk. There are certain milestones in our lives and even the day on which we will return to Allah have already been decided with our birth date.

Everyone have priorities in their lives. We stick to what we concern most and always want it to stay with us. It could be anything –career, job, business, wife, children, or family. However, there will be times when we have to let go or give up on any of these. Truly, this would be a severe test of our patience. If it is something that can be attained through struggle or efforts, we surely do try our best and strive to get it back, but if it is not coming back to us –then what? Life gets tougher and keeping patience is the toughest, right! In such times we have to configure things out and take certain steps that will keep us going. Here are 5 reasons you should stop knocking at the closed doors.

A preordainment from Allah SWT

At such point, we have to trust Allah SWT. If the Almighty has closed one of its paths, it would be surely for a wisdom that HE alone knows well. We have to maintain a firm belief that out of Allah’s mercy, HE will open another path for us which will be even more beneficial. Let’s consider this beautiful ayah from Quran Karim:


Sahih International: Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.

This verse of Quran reveals how human unknowingly harm themselves with their desires and let their lives go astray. As Allah is absolute mercy, HE closes these doors that lead us to impairment and opens new opportunities that could make more successful in our lives. Therefore, if something you have lost is not coming back to you, have faith and patiently wait for other doors to open up for you.

With such approach, Allah SWT doesn’t prevent HIS believer from attaining any worldly matter, except to provide him something even better. This is HIS way to privilege someone by depriving him to acquire lower in order to grant something higher.

We all will be tested through something we loved the most in our lives. It is Allah’s way to ordeal HIS true believers. But due to our ignorance, we couldn’t differentiate between what is actually harming our abilities and lives. Or you can say what we have been prevented from and what has been preserved for us. It is in human nature to get attracted towards immediate things, even if they might be inferior. To overcome this weakness, we are given with a path that keeps us detached from things we get too comfortable with. It is a way Allah SWT reveals the true worth of worldly pleasures and provokes us to get back on track and strive for Akhirah.

Bottom Line

To cover it as a whole, let’s consider what Imam Ibn al Qayyim RZ said;

You should busy yourself doing what has been demanded of you, not what has been guaranteed for you. Provision and Death are two matters that are destined and finalized; so long as the time of death does not arrive, the provision will continue to come.”

Surely, the worldly pleasures will come to us according to their destined time. With such faith, we have to move on and look forward with hope as Allah never closes a door without opening a new and better one.

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