Time Management during Umrah 2017 – Umrah 2018

The most cumbersome task for any pilgrim during Umrah remains the management of time.  For your assistance, we have shared under some tips for time management during Umrah 2017 – Umrah 2018.

1. Never Keep Your Watch With You:

The most important thing that you need to understand is that time stays irrelevant during Umrah. As, whatever task would usually take a few minutes to complete, will take hours or days during Umrah, specially during peak seasons.  Delays at the airport, during the bus travel are normal. Hence, you should leave your watch at home so that you don’t take notice of each and every detail and frustrate yourself unnecessarily. Accept and realize the fact that micro level time management during Umrah 2017 – Umrah 2018 is not possible.

2. Never be accompanied by Unnecessary Electronic Devices:

Even on the spiritual journey of Umrah people fail to detach themselves from the world. There are many pilgrims who bring along electronic items along for their entertainment. Everything else can wait. Umrah is your time to reflect and repent so make the most out of it. Consider yourself on being a spiritual and mental hiatus. So, cage all of your electronic devices at home. Cry, weep, beg for mercy and unload all the stress, anxiety, guilt, and / or any other negative emotion off yourself.

3. Mingle up with People:

One of the biggest treasures you could add to your memory bank is the brotherhood you develop during Umrah. So, try to make the most out of during Umrah 2017 – Umrah 2018. When you travel around, you spend a number of days with the same people and develop a certain level of connection with them. You get to know about them, their likes/ dislikes, share food with them and build a strong bond with them. Many of the pilgrims make friends for life during Umrah. This group can help you not only with time management during Umrah 2017 – Umrah 2018, but can also be your biggest support during Umrah.

4. Make the Most out of your Umrah:

Umrah is for a very short period of time, hence avoid sleeping. Since shopping, leisure camel rides, etc are all secondary activities, avoid them while performing Umrah 2017 – Umrah 2018. Once you are done with performing Umrah you can buy the things you need to. Keep in mind the sole purpose of your visit; keep reminding yourself that every second counts and who knows this might be your final chance to please Allah. With this thought in your mind you can well manage time during Umrah 2017 – Umrah 2018 as most of it will be spent in worshiping and pleasing Allah.

 5. Eat Light:

To have more time for worshiping, you need to be physically active. The whole trip can take its toll on your body, therefore, keep yourself hydrated. Eat less but proper food, drink lots of coffee and remind yourself that you have just few days to ask for forgiveness and mercy of Allah. Tell yourself again that this is the golden opportunity for you to become sin free and you will automatically spend more time in worshiping and less on unnecessary activities.

 6. Walk More:

One more tip for time management during Umrah 2017 – Umrah 2018 is to try commuting by foot whenever possible. If you are physically active and emotionally charged up, or have someone else to join you then better opt for the walk. It will save you a lot of time.

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