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The Dos and Don’ts of Performing Umrah in December 2023

As a tourist as well as being a pilgrim, the traveler should take into account the following factors while embarking on the journey to the house of Allah. The Dos and Don’ts of Umrah in December 2023 will guide you to pave your way through challenging times during the pilgrim and will promise you a relaxing and stress free stay in Saudi Arabia.

The Dos of Performing Umrah at December 2023

Do Research Before Leaving: Do look for travel agents who could assist you carry out Umrah in December 2023, smoothly. Ask them to arrange for hotels placed near Haram as it is very important.

Do Carry Light Baggage: Try to pack minimum number of items for your trip to Saudi Arabia. Keep necessary and useful items only.

Do All Your Shopping In Madinah Only: If you intend to do shopping in Saudi Arabia, make sure that you complete all the shopping in Madinah only. Madinah offers better quality products at comparatively lower prices than Makkah. The shopkeepers are friendly and accommodating.

Do Exchange Currency in Madinah: Madinah offers better exchange rates as compared to Makkah.

Do Make a Packing Checklist: Before leaving for Umrah in December 2023 ensure to enlist and pack all the essentialitems from toiletries to medicines to clothing etc to ascertain ready access in case of emergency. Check out our blog post ‘The Hajj / Umrah Check List‘, for more details.

Do Keep a Pair of Crocs: Umrah involves a lot of walking, so keep comfortable shoes which are easy to put on and put off.

Do Ziyarat, See Mazaraat: It would be unfair if the pilgrim visits Saudi Arabia and fails to see the historically significant religious places. Both in Makkah and Madinah, there are numerous places to visit; especially the mosques are must to see. Check out our blog post ‘Places All Pilgrims Must Visit During or After Performing Umrah‘, for more details.

Do Keep Yourself Hydrated: Umrah requires energy. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, preferably ZamZam water. Consider filling your water bottles with Zamzam to ensure hydration. Even though the December weather is pleasant, aim to consume at least 8 glasses of water daily to maintain optimal hydration during your Umrah journey in 2023

Do Carry a Drawstring Bag: A small bad will come very handy during Umrah in December 2023 for carrying shoes and or water bottles.

Do Purchase a SIM: Purchase a local (Saudi Arabia based) SIM to connect with your family or group associates. The host country SIMs cost far less as compared to the home country SIMs.

Do Enlist Supplications (Dua): Pilgrims intend to offer numerous supplications in Makkah, yet when they stand before the Kaaba, its majestic presence overwhelms them, causing them to forget their intentions. Prepare a list of supplications before departing for Umrah in December 2023 to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to ask for all that you desire.

Do Make Salah in Haram: Try to perform all your Salah in Haram only while performing Umrah in December 2023.

Do Remain Practical: You might not be able to perform all the secondary rituals (Eg: Saying Nafil Salah in Riadh ul Jannah) or you might not always get space in the Haram during Umrah in December 2023. So, be rational and pray your Salah wherever it is possible in the vicinity. At the end of the day it is the ‘Niyyah’ that matters.

Do Eat Light Food: To remain active while performing Umrah in December 2023, have light food such as Shuwarmah. They are inexpensive and easily digestible.

The Don’ts of Performing Umrah in December 2023

Don’t Be Intolerant: People from all sorts of backgrounds gather in Makkah to perform Umrah. Don’t get frustrated by that and try to be as supportive and helpful as possible.

Don’t Miss Out on any of the Primary Rituals: Don’t fail to perform any of the necessary activities/rituals of Umrah.

Don’t Be Low on Patience: Because of exhaustion the pilgrims might become cranky and resentful, remember that and don’t misbehave incase if someone else does.

Don’t Get Involved in Indecent Activities: Pilgrims might not realize this, but cutting a piece of Kabah cloth is impermissible. It is stealing and therefore should be avoided at all costs.

Don’t initiate a fight: During Umrah, Don’t offend anyone and don’t be the culprit who triggers argument.

Don’t Capture Photos and Films: Don’t waste time in taking pictures and making movies all the time. Praying and worship comes first so focus on that and do the photography in spare time. Depending upon the crowdedness of pilgrims during Umrah in December 2023, you can decide if to take pictures is a feasible option or not.

Don’t Ignore the Rules: Abide by all the rules of the government of Saudi Arabia (especially the ones regarding VISA, Baggage Allowance and Restrictions) to ensure a trouble free Umrah in December 2023.

Don’t Perform Wudhu in a Hurry: Take proper time in performing the Wudhu to make certain that it remains valid. Don’t use Zam Zam water for performing Wudhu.

Don’t Make the Journey to Saudi Arabia All about Shopping: Another importantDon’t of performing Umrah in December 2023 is not to forget the primary purpose of the journey (Worship, Praying – Performing Umrah) and do the shopping in free time only.

Don’t Get Tired Unnecessarily: Don’t get over exhausted to reap the most benefits out of Umrah.

Don’t Forget to Stay Warm: One major consideration to be made while performing Umrah in December 2023 is that during Fajar and Tahajjud time, the weather gets chilly, so it is important to carry a cardigan or shawl along.

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