The Basic Guide Converting to Islam for Marriage

Converting to Islam – We all know and have experienced the point on which we are so in love that we are willing to do anything just to be with that particular person, but when it comes to falling in love or wanting to marry a person of opposite faith then you will need to make a prompt decision –especially when it comes to Islam and Muslim Marriage!

Islam for Marriage

In the US, Islam is the religion that holds the second most conversion rate. Whether it is the curiosity or the love of a spouse, the light of hidayah reveals into a heart that opens up for it with a clean intention. When it is decided for marriage purpose, the intention should be not only to get into a same religion but also to practice it by heart.

Here we have a few useful steps that you may want to consider when converting to Islam.

  • Study the teachings of Islam from an authentic source. There is much content available on the internet, and it is good enough to start off with however, it’s better to visit a qualified Islamic scholar and get the authentic stuff for studying Allah’s religion.
  • Start integrating the Islamic teachings in your life quietly.
  • Stop doing anything un-Islamic that you’ve done in your past life, take a shower to get a symbolical purity of washing away all the sins.
  • Once you have started integrating the basics of Islam in your life and have sustainable practice on it, then it’s time to say those purest words of this world with all your heart and soul; recite;

kalma shahadat

  • Islam is not just a religion but a complete code of life. It is a lifestyle that needs to be followed in all aspects and surely, changes are difficult at first. You would face some hurdles in applying the Islamic teachings in your lifestyle –especially when it comes to customs and traditions. However, the simplicity and easiness of this beautiful religion will help you get adjusted within some time.

converting to Islam

Advantages of Converting to Islam for Marriage

Along with the unlimited benefits of the worldly life and hereafter, there are some quick benefits that men and women converting to Islam for mixed muslim marriage can get.

  • The basic intention of the conversion might be in the marriage, however with time, the pure light of hidayah that fills up your heart and soul will make you piously happy and spiritually healthy. You’ll feel the negativities flushing out of your mind and soul and even from your life.
  • While you convert to Islam to forming a marital relationship, there is another relationship created which is between you and the God. The feeling of getting direct contact with the Almighty is something you’ve never experienced.
  • The disciplined lifestyle given by Islam is something that brings more serenity and happiness in your life.

Young Couple Umrah

Islam is a rapidly growing religion of the world. The multi-racial society of the US is getting more into this religion. So, converting to Islam is now a common factor. The doctrine of Islam is simple and rational that makes it a “practical” religion. Therefore, the person who caused you to get involved in the true meaning of life must be someone special who is sent to you by Allah.

You can also start your blissful married life by opting for Umrah rather than going for a honeymoon destination. A spiritual journey of Young  Couple Umrah can surely help you get close to Islam.

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