Tauheed Secret Idea

The term Tauheed is used back and forth in the religion of Islam. The simple meaning of the term, it is related to the Islamic principle of oneness of ALLAH.

The concept of oneness of God is practiced in several religions such as Judaism and Christianity, but this principle exists in Islam to an extreme degree.

The best example to prove this notion is related to the fact that out of all the comprehensive articles of faith in the Islamic religion, strict belief in oneness of God or monotheism is the most fundamental.

When we think of the literal Arabic translation, Tauheed arises from the word unification or oneness. This term has a complex context with several depths of its literal meaning. To help give you a clearer understanding behind the principal of it, we’ve gathered some comprehensive information for your knowledge.

What does Tauheed represent?

It is the representation of the belief and concept that there is only one Lord or Creator and that is ALLAH SWT. There is no God but HIM. This has been clearly expressed in the first Kalmah of Islam, “LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH” that translates for there is no God worthy of worship but ALLAH. It is this expression that has been used to differentiate a believer of Islam from a non-believer.


Tauheed as the first pillar of Islam

The true spirit or essence of Islam lies in Tauheed. If a Muslim does not declare ALLAH as one, then there is no turning back. This religion has no room for those that do not believe in the oneness of the Creator of the heavens and the Earth, ALLAH.

With its due significance, it is the first pillar in Islam, and upon resting the burden of all other pillars. Without it, Islam could never exist. No rules and guidelines could ever be created without the concept of Tauheed. ALLAH is the most supreme and to HIM do we belong and to HIM shall we return.

Aspects of Tauheed

  1. Tauheed Al- Rububiyah- The literal meaning is unity of Lordship. It means that the authority and praise belongs to the highest of them all, ALLAH SWT, the Lord of the entire Universe and Heavens above.
  2. Tauheed Al- Uluhiyah- The literal meaning is unity of worship. Every believer must admit and prove that they will never worship anyone but the ONE, ALLAH SWT.
  3. Tauheed Al- Asmaa was Sifat- The literal meaning is related to the numerous names and attributes provided for the sole creator ALLAH SWT. As a Muslim, the names given for ALLAH are for the purpose of glorifying HIS nature. ALLAH is distinct from all HIS creations. HE is the Almighty, the Merciful. ALLAH alone is worthy of all this praise and there is none like HIM.

There is no forgiveness in Islam for the attribution of partners with ALLAH SWT. Believers must understand and value the significance of the oneness of ALLAH if they wish to attain the utmost bounty and blessings from their Lord.

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