Strategies to Engage Youth for Positive Change

The youth or young age is termed to be the prime time in an individual’s life. It is a duration during which a person’s health, spirit, passion, and vitality at their peak. It is also a time at which adequate teachings related to Islam must be given due significance. And with adrenaline running at an all-time high, it’s easy for the youth to become astray and adopt a path of evil as well as ignorance.

The Islamic religion understands the youth in its entirety. It also realizes that the youth is a pivotal time period during which certain teachings must be instructed. So what are the strategies to engage youth? How can fellow Muslims assist their brothers in adopting a path that is most pleasing to the Creator? To help you understand, we’re shedding light on this very important topic below.

Engage Youth for Positive Change

Understand that ups and downs are a major component of every individual’s life

One of the most strategies to engage youth is related to making them understand a simple notion. And this relates to realizing that no one’s journey is perfect. We are present in this temporary life for a purpose. And ups and downs are seen in everyone’s journey. How you deal with obstacles depends upon you.

Take up the Holy Quran for guidance

What better source of guidance can the Muslim youth benefit to get the best resource to learn Holy Quran. The Book of Allah SWT is complete and relates to all matters of this world. The youth must take time out to read and understand its teachings.

Take up the holy Quran for guidance

The Sunnah of the Holy Prophet PBUH is an exemplary role model to follow

Another productive way of engaging the youth relates to instructing them to look like the Holy Prophet PBUH as an exemplary role model. The actions and sayings of the Prophet PBUH are preserved in the most beautiful manner via the Sunnah. The youth can allow the Prophet’s mannerism to lead by great example during their lifetime.

Stay in the company of those that do well

A young believer’s company can take a toll over their life. And for this reason, it is encouraged to stay in the company of those that do well. Only then can the youth become inspired to bring about change.

Stay in the company of those that do well

Take upon a bright and positive outlook on life

Despite the many challenges and obstacles in this world, the youth must not lose hope. A positive and bright outlook on life is needed to succeed and pay heed to the Islamic way of life.

Learn to show compassion and be grateful

Compassion, mercy, and gratefulness were all qualities of the Holy Prophet PBUH. And these character traits should be encouraged upon the youth to follow. Only then can they be expected to live a fulfilling life that is most pleasing to Allah SWT.

The journey of learning and training the youth is a never-ending one. For this reason, Muslims must encourage their fellow youthful brothers so that they may strive to attain piety. And there is no better way of doing so than by following the strategies to engage youth for positive change?