Patience – The Trait of Every True Believer

We have heard many stories from the life of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad showing remarkable acts of patience. But do you know why patience is important for a believer?

Either ordering the believers to remain patient during difficult times, or reminding them of the great reward that waits for them for remaining steadfast; the importance of patience can be judged from the fact that Allah has mentioned it 90 times in the Quran, directly and indirectly.

The fundamental characteristic of a believer is that he stays patient even during difficult times. Yes, it is not easy and requires great determination and self-control. But do you know by remaining patient you not only benefit others but yourself? This article will explain how:

It Strengthens Us

Do you know when Allah created man; He gave him the patience to withstand everything that he faces in life? So remaining steadfast during hardships indicates our strength as it requires overcoming one’s dominant feelings. This helps us from falling and in turn, makes us strong.

remarkable acts of patience

It Helps Us Attain Our Goals

Patience means exercising self-control in challenging situations. It helps us reach our goals without being deflected by hostile conditions. If we allow ourselves to be upset by an opposition or any unpleasantness, then we will never achieve our aims. We will simply be engrossed in irrelevancies, deviating us from our path.

The only way to handle unpredictable circumstances of living is to remain patient. It enables us to handle shocks and carry on with our life.

It Assists Us in Finding Solutions to Our Problems

Steadfastness enables us to find an affirmative solution to all our problems. If we face any adversary with anger, we lose the ability to effectively respond and think of a solution to it. But if we remain patient then we can take a rational stance instead of responding it impulsively.

importance of patience

Patience is a Source of Great Reward

And above all, remaining patient is a source of immense reward. Allah has promised in the Quran Surah Yusuf verse 90:

And in Surah Hud verse 11:

So let us pray to Allah that He grants us the ability to remain steadfast during every hardship we face in our life. And we from today start practicing it in our daily lives and have firm belief that Allah will reward us for it.

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