Individual and Collective Benefits of Hajj

Benefits Hajj

Benefits of Hajj – Allah Almighty has prescribed a variety of acts of worship to humanity with a goal to test them and show who the best people in deeds and righteousness are. For individuals vary in their attitude and character. One individual may favor one kind of worship and while another may like another kind of worship. A true believer is the one who submits to everything that pleases Allah SWT, not what is by his desires and whims.

Among the varieties of worship are different pillars of Islam. Some of the ibadaahs are absolute physical, requiring movement and effort of the body like prayer; some are purely financial like zakah; some are physical, but require refraining from certain things while some of them are both financial and physical benefits of Hajj.

It consolidates both financial and physical expenditure. Since it involves travel and more exertion than other forms of worships, Allah SWT has enjoined it only once in a lifetime on capable Muslims. Hajj has a lot of benefits. Let’s discuss some individual and collective benefits of Hajj.

Individual Benefits

1. Expiation for Sins

Hajj awards its performer remission of sins and purification of the soul. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

“Whoever performs hajj to this House (Kaaba) and refrain himself from sexual relations with his wife, and doesn’t commit any sin (during Hajj), will come out sinless just like a newborn.” –Bukhari, book 28, Hadith 45

2. Jannah is the Ultimate Reward

The best award that a person can get after this is Jannah. Hazrat Abu Hurairah reported that our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

“”Umrah is expiation for the sins committed (between the previous one). Moreover, the reward for Hajj Mabrur (the one accepted by Allah) is nothing except the Paradise.” –Bukhari; Umrah:1

3. Hijab is equivalent to Jihad for Women

If a woman performs this sincerely for Allah SWT without conferring sins, she is regarded to have accomplished her best jihad. Narrated by Mother of the believers Hazrat Ayesha RA:

I said, “O Apostle of Allah! We consider Jehad as the best deed.” The Prophet PBUH said, “The best Jehad for women is Hajj Mabrur”. –Bukhari: Hajj 595

4. Most number of Allah’s servants is forgiven during the days of Hajj

The most important day is the day of Arafat. Waqoof is the essential pillar of Hajj performed on the Arafat day in the afternoon till sunset. Million of Muslims supplicate, worship and pray to Allah SWT at Arafat on this day and the Lord bestows pardon on his servants on this blessed day of Arafat.

Aisha (Allh be pleased with her) reported the Hadith of Messenger PBUH; “There is no day when Allah sets free more humans from hell than the day of Arafah. “ –Muslim, Book 7, Hadith: 3126

Collective Benefits

1. World’s Largest Annual Assembly

This is a universal meeting and assembly of millions of Muslims from various habits and cultures. The pilgrims learn to concentrate on focus points to keep the unity, real harmony and brotherhood despite the cultural differences. Also, It is an extraordinary opportunity to meet Muslims from various states and share their feelings and ideas.

2. Manifestation of Islam as the religion of Solidarity and Unity

This provides unity of Muslims and removes differences. Two million people gather at the same place for the same goal, wearing the same dress, turning to same Qibla and sharing same actions and feelings. Muslims realize that they are brothers in the name of Islam.

This is the complete form of prayer where a person performs all the fifth pillars of Islam in a collective way. He sacrifices physically, financially, and during hajj days, just reserve himself for only Allah. At Dawn Travels, we join hands to let you go through this divine journey in the best way possible. See our best hajj packages in most reasonable rates.

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