Duties of A Wife Over Her Husband in Islam

Importance of Marriage in Islam: –

Islam encourages Muslims to get married early in life. Allah has made the relationship between husband and wife as a very sacred one. Allah blesses people immensely when they get married with abundance in provisions.

Ways to become a patient wife: –

Husband and wife both have rights and duties over each other. Islam holds man as responsible for fulfilling all the needs of a woman and providing her shelter, protection, and sustenance. On the other hand, the woman is supposed to comfort her husband, give him respect, love and affection. Marriage is not an easy path. It requires compromise, sacrifice and a lot of patience especially in the case of a wife. Here are some ways to become a patient wife.

  • Accept your mistakes: –

A sensible and wise woman is the one who accepts her mistake if she is wrong, instead of arguing or misbehaving. She does not justify her irrational behavior. Rather she apologizes and tries to make up the situation. This way she will not have any grudge in her heart. Such are the traits of a patient wife.

  • Take help from patience: –

At many places in the Holy Quran, Allah tells Muslims to take help from prayer and patience. Practicing patience is extremely important for one’s peace of mind and contented life. Especially a wife must be patient and tolerant. There may be situations in which she would be mistreated or not neglected be it inadvertently. She must not lose temper or take decisions hastily. Rather, she must take help from patience.

  • Have faith in Allah: –

Having a strong faith in Allah is the biggest strength a person can have. When a person has a strong conviction that Allah has the Supreme Authority and pleads to Him for even the smallest things, Allah makes matters easy for him. Therefore, if a wife is going through a rough patch in her marriage she must be patient and trust Allah that He can make things better. She must pray to Him with full conviction that only He has the power to melt a person’s heart. Allah blesses such a patient wife with relief and a better life.

  • Wife Shows gratitude to your husband: –

A wife must show gratitude to her husband. A man works the whole day to earn a living for his family. He takes care of their needs and fulfills their desires. He plans for the better future of their children and works very hard to achieve that. A wife must be thankful to her husband. She must dress up nicely when he returns from work. She must make him feel welcome at home.

  • Do not complain about your husband’s shortcomings: –

Some women have a habit of complaining which is very bad. Allah has created every person differently. Everyone has a different blend of blessings and shortcomings. So a patient wife must not compare her life with that of some other woman and complain to her husband for everything that she does not have. Rather, she must look at what she has been blessed with and be thankful for all that.

  • Wife Stands by his side during his difficult times: –

A woman’s sincerity is best known when a man faces a tough time in his life. It could financial, social or health-related. A sincere and patient wife must stand by her husband’s side firmly. She must support him and provide comfort to him. Allah has created husband and wife soul mates for each other for both good and bad times. So they must share their problems with each other and show staunch support.

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