The Bad Effects of Jealousy and Its Ultimate Cure

Effects of Jealousy

Jealousy – It should have been happening to us once in a while that we get envied by people who are somewhat better than us in materialistic status. Ever been in a situation where you attend an event and found people admiring someone “Oh look! She is looking so gorgeous, and you found yourself envying that person and unknowingly respond, “No, she seems just okay”. And if the person you are talking to ask “are you being jealous of her?” that’s the time you show a constant denial, “No! Why should I be jealous of her? There is nothing special about that person.”Jealousy is among the most negative emotions that even the person who is feeling it denies being in a jealous state.

In Islam, jealousy is not appreciated on any level. Our Prophet ﷺ disliked this emotion and revealed that Jealousy and Iman couldn’t stay together in a believer’s heart; these are like two conflicting things. Envy or jealousy is among the most destructive emotions or feelings which a man may have towards his fellow human being. It tends him to overlook all the blessings and achievements, he got and wish evil for others. He felt wickedly happy when calamity befalls on that person he is jealous of. This is the same feeling that Satan keeps against humans. So it has to be avoided at all cost.

Let’s see how jealousy can ruin our life and hereafter.

Effects of Jealousy

Ungratefulness to Allah’s Blessings

Being jealous of someone means that we are not contented with what we have been blessed by Allah in this world. Within a while, you tend to deny every blessing and start burning yourself in the fire of envy that not only divert you from the righteous path but also destroys your good deeds within no time.

Eats up the Good deeds and their Rewards

By grieving upon any goodness and positivity in other people’s lives, and hateful desire for them to lose it all, a jealous person holds up grudges only. This way one wouldn’t only lose his peace of mind, but also all the good deeds he/she had done in the past.

In a Hadith, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stated,

“Jealousy burns out your good deeds just like a fire eats up the wood.”

Causes Constant Restlessness and Anxiety

A jealous person is rarely peaceful and calm. Once the emotion is established against a certain person, the jealous person loses all his tranquility and peace of mind. He develops a constant state of grudge and if the person he is jealous of increases in the state, the problem only worsens. Envy always ends up in hatred that could even change into criminality. Either way, the loss has to bear by the jealous person. Whether in this world or in hereafter, he has to pay the consequences.

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