Dates –The Most Favorite Fruit Of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Dates – Allah SWT has bestowed humankind with countless blessings. One of the basic necessities without which we are unable to love is food. It is the utmost need of every living being which is high in nutrition and tastes delicious. Alhamdulillah for every blessing from Allah SWT especially food!

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Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the best example for the believers as well as entire humanity until the Last Day. Although he led a very simple life yet, he remained thankful to Allah Almighty throughout his life. Every aspect of his life is perfect including his healthy eating ways. Everyone must follow this perfect Sunnah. The death of our Holy Prophet is the best guide for those who want to lead a healthy life. That is why we will discuss the favorite fruit of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH and its benefits and would shed some light behind the wisdom of his likeness.

Dates are also known as Tamar in Arabic is one of the favorite fruits of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. This fruit is full of nutrients required for the human body and is equivalent to a one-time meal. It consists of low fat and high fiber with a combination of other significant nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates. Dates have always been one of the most important meals of our beloved Prophet and his family. He PBUH used to plant the trees of it himself.

Benefits of Dates

There are numerous benefits of this miraculous fruit. Some of them are defined below:

1) Protection from Poison or Magic

Dates do not have high value nutritionally, but also spiritually. Our Prophet Muhammad PBUH declared dates a protection from magic and poison. He PBUH recommended eating ajwa dates at breakfast:

eats seven ajwa dates

He who eats seven ajwa dates every morning won’t be affected by poison or magic on the day he eats them.  –Bukhari

2) Packed with useful Minerals

They are full of essential minerals like manganese, potassium, iron and copper and also contains vitamin B-6.

3) Free of Cholesterol

Dates are free from cholesterol and contain low-fat nutrient.

4) Helps Mothers in Delivery Process

Dates activate womb muscles during pregnancy and aids womb movement at delivery time minimizing post-natal bleeding. As Hazrat Maryam was instructed to eat them as mentioned in Quran:

“Shake the trunk of the palm towards you, and ripe and fresh dates will drop down onto you.” Surah Maryam, verse: 25

5) Heals Liver

Liver heals from parasitic diseases by eating them. It is also the best medicine for hepatitis.

6) Delay Aging

Dates cause to delay the aging process and provide immunity against body tiredness and brain.

7) Provides Instant Energy

Dates are an instant energy provider that is why our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH recommended breaking the fast with them.

“If you have a it, break your fast with it. If you don’t have, break the fast with water as it is purifying.” –Abu Dawood.


To become true and faithful Muslims, is it essential to love Prophet Muhammad PBUH and love the things he loved. May Allah SWT make us true believers, Ameen.

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