Hajj A Lifetime Achievement

Hajj A Lifetime Achievement for Muslim

Wearing two just white clothes, being far away from the comfort of their homes, under the scorching sun heat, tired and nauseous but still calling “Labaik” with full spiritual energy is actually the best moments of life of every Muslim. The fifth pillar of Islam and the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim –performing Hajj is the […]

Stay Safe During Hajj 2016

How to Stay Safe During Hajj 2016?

Safety Tips for Hajj 2016 To make sure that you don’t face any inconvenience during Hajj 2016, take into consideration the following safety tips. Keep Connected with Friends and family The very first safety tip for Hajj 2016 is to stay connected with your near ones. To ensure connectivity with your friends and family members […]

Dating in Islam

Is Dating Ethical And Allowed In Islam?

Slowly and gradually, we see that the Islamic principles which were reinforced in Islam on the basis of protection of ideology, sins and practices have now become obsolete and immoral principles which involve dating and zina have been on the rise. As far as taking a walk in a beautiful, peaceful park is concerned, we […]

Prayers for Happiness and Success

Prayers for Happiness and Success

Do you want to fill your life with happiness? Want to be a happier and contented person? Do you crave ultimate success throughout your life? Of course, who doesn’t? We all want better lives and a successful future in every aspect. We as Muslims are blessed with a secret weapon that can assure our happiness, […]