Benefits Hajj

Individual and Collective Benefits of Hajj

Benefits Hajj Benefits Hajj – Allah Almighty has prescribed a variety of acts of worship to humanity with a goal to test them and show who the best people in deeds and righteousness are. For individuals vary in their attitude and character. One individual may favor one kind of worship and while another may like […]

Shahadah-The Power of Islam

Shahadah – The Power of Islam!

Shahadah – Want to know what is making Islam the most powerful religion of all? Read on to reveal the Basic Power that triggers Islam to be the best religion on the Earth! Shahadah Islam is a complete code of life. It encapsulates the revelations from the Lord of the universe and ultimate Creator with […]

A Muslim Women and Modern Society

A Muslim Woman and Modern Society

With the advent of Islam, things began to change all around the world in general and in Arabia, particularly about the rights and privileges of Muslim women. Islam recognized women as an equal member of society and gave them their due regard and respect. They were assigned roles related to their stature and found their […]

Zakat Sadaqah

Difference between Zakat and Sadaqah

Zakat Sadaqah an essential piece of Human instinct is goodness. Many virtuous deeds like lending money to poor people or assisting a crippled individual lead to inner satisfaction. This kindness and compassion are a reason for the existence of humanity on earth; else no one would have survived if every one of them was cold […]

Umrah Tours Family

Umrah Tours with Family

Umrah Tours – Umrah is a beautiful Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Muslims from all over the world journey to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah to perform this act of worship. It is a great way of getting close to Allah SWT and feeding of the soul. Being a collective form […]

Gender Equality in Islam

Gender Equality in Islam

Gender Equality The content of Quran Hakim depicts the context of Islam and its teachings. The role of Sunnah is explaining and defining the meaning of its Quranic text. We get to know from both these sources that Allah SWT has created men and women so that they get tranquility, bliss, and joy in the […]

Hujjaj visit during Hajj

4 Places the Hujjaj visit during Hajj

Hujjaj Visit During Hajj Hujjaj – Hajj is a process of refurbishment of mind and purification of the soul. When pilgrims come back from the memorable journey of their lives, they talk about it with their family and friends. In their converse, they mention the bunch of sites, place, rituals and events that are new […]