The Purpose of Life According to Islam

Purpose of Life

Apparently in the current scenario, the only purpose of life is to get rich, be successful and gather every materialistic luxury. It looks like a marathon in which everyone is just anxious to get to the top by all means. But this is surely not the exact reason why mankind is created. Then what is the purpose of life? Well, Islam answers it in the most meaningful and focused way.

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Ever since the mankind evolved, the question of existence and purpose of life continues. The reason why life exists and what to do with it are the focus of almost everyone. We took a deep look into the Holy Quran to understand why Allah has created us and here’s what we’ve found.

To Worship Allah

The reasons why we, Perfect Muslims better understand the reason for human existence is only due to the blessing bestowed on us in the form of Holy Quran.

purpose of life

In Surah az Zariyat, ayah 56, Allah has clearly mentioned the purpose of creation of mankind according to which the most basic purpose of our lives is to worship Allah ﷻ and nothing else. The more a person worships Allah, more he would get closer to HIM and the meaning of his existence starts to come up with personal and broader perspective.

Glorify the Almighty

Not a single space on earth, universe and heavens filled with Allah’s creatures and not worshipping Allah ﷻ. Only humans and Jinn are given the choice to worship. To us, the worshipping is not limited to praying Salat only, but to praise and glorify Allah in all aspects of life. Seeing everything with the perspective of Allah’s creation and plan develops an understanding of the real purpose and reasons behind everything. We humans are the kh alifa on earth and we’re given the task to rule the earth only to glorify Allah. In Quran, Allah’s words are penned;

purpose of life

These sacred words from Surah Isra, ayah 44 reveal that with every single life form and creation of Allah on heavens, skies and the whole universe praises Allah for everything. This is the real purpose of life, to maintain Allah’s glorification in every phase and form.

To Research and Use Intellect

If only to worship and glorify was the main reason of life purpose, then Allah ﷻ already have countless creations who not only worship and glorify in the best way but also do it on a constant note. Surely, our Lord wanted to do more with it. In Quran, the Almighty has asked mankind to observe, seek, attain knowledge and find answers to the unknown. This has to be done to ultimately connect all the dots by using the knacks of human reason and finally the life purpose.

purpose of life

“Verily, there is a sign for those who think” -16:69

Purpose of Life

“Such are the signs which WE put forward to mankind that they may reflect” -59:21

Life comes in phases. Each phase has its own difficulties, goals and provisions. The only default reason that has to be sought is to establishing the rule of Allah in form of obeying His teachings through Quran, having firm faith and restrain deep mindful thinking.

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