Thanksgiving Umrah Offer – The Best way to give the true Thanks to Allah!

Holy Kaabah

Holy Kaabah is the nucleus of Islam. Muslims all over the world yearn to visit this sacred place once in their lifetime. This is a dream of believers to do Hajj or Umrah of the House of Allah ﷻ. A sea of Muslims circumambulating around the Kaabah saying labaik and repenting with eyes full of tears is an emotional and spiritual experience. In short, it is a miracle of Allah the Almighty.

American Muslims

The American Muslims enjoy all kinds of National holidays. One of them is thanksgiving holiday. This is observed on the fourth Thursday of November as a modern Christian religious holiday. Americans celebrate this day by family gatherings, cooking and feasting and being thankful. This holiday has now turned into commercialism and indulgence.

Islam does not permit Muslims to take part with a non-believer in any of their religious celebrations or holidays. So, People mostly use this day for gatherings and family dinners for the purpose of strengthening family ties and keeping in touch. That’s usually not possible for them because of work obligations and distance.

But how to avail this holiday in the best way and pay thanks to the One and Only of whom we should be thankful to –Allah ﷻ!

Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving holiday season can be spent in Saudi Arabia with your loved ones for an Umrah trip. Take advantage of this holiday and spent it worshipping Allah ﷻ in the heart of Islam. This beautiful journey of life will begin in Madinah. You will be spending nights in luxurious 5-star hotel steps away from your final destination. We are a top notch traveler company with years and years of high-quality experience. Perform Thanksgiving Umrah with a satisfied heart and peace of mind. We are here to handle all your accommodations and lodgings. You will be able to enjoy the sweetness of praying within Al-Haraam mosque as your hotel will be steps away from this divine place. Mesmerizing tours of historical and religious sites in Makkah and Madinah will also be provided by our experienced guides.

Dawn Travels

Dawn Travels has a promising Thanksgiving Umrah Offer just right for you to avail this holiday.  Avail this memorable journey on departure day i.e 17th November while return on 26th November. Breakfasts will also be provided with accommodation. We have especial complimentary stuff, including Ihram for men and prayer rugs for women. You will have the honorary meet and greet services at the Airport. Complete transportation between the route of Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah is included in the package. We will be at your service 24 hours by our staff assistants to serve you at the best.

Make this year’s Thanksgiving holiday a true thanksgiving to you lord Allah ﷻ!

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