Raising our children as better Muslims in recent times

When it comes to children –this blessing arrives with a huge responsibility. As parents, it is our responsibility to craft them into best personalities, better Muslims and great human beings.  Mainly, Muslim parenting revolves around making them punctual for their prayers and reading Quran. Surely this is an obligatory Muslim practice and hence has to be applied properly however we must also strive to provide the greater objective of Islamic education. Apart of practical aspects of curriculum education, enhancing learning abilities and maintaining a balance between professional and religious education, we have to provide our children the true Islamic virtues that is essential for the immediate success in this world and guarantees their ultimate accomplishment in the hereafter.

Nurturing Kids through Islamic Celebrities

The basics of Islamic virtues revolve around nurturing balanced, decent and honest humans. It is about living a life based on true Islamic principles, epitomizing fine character in their dealings with people around. This objective can be obtained by observing following Prophetic tradition;

“Be attentive of God every second of your life and cancel any misdeed with a good deed and deal with people on the basis of good character.”

Muslim Ummah have celebrities who are totally different from others, they are pure and outstanding elites, they are chosen ones by the Almighty Allah ﷻ.

“And consider Our servants, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – those of strength and [religious] vision. Indeed, We chose them for an exclusive quality: remembrance of the home [of the Hereafter]. And indeed they are, to Us, among the chosen and outstanding. And remember Ismaeel, Eisa and Dhul-Kifl, and all are among the outstanding.” (Surah Sad 38, 45-48)

Surely, our heroes are the Prophets of Allah ﷻ and from all the billions of people that have crossed this world since the beginning of times, these prophets were specialized to give the message of Allah ﷻ to us.

Childhood years are the most important in terms of characterizing and developing the kid’s personality. We can up bring these pure souls by providing them examples of our Heroes. Instead of reading fairy tales while we take them to bed, why not read them the Quranic stories of Prophets and their lives. This practice can keep our kids closer Islam and help them building stronger personalities through understanding Prophetic virtues.

The “Uswa Rasool ﷺ”  and the characters played by the companions of Allah’s Apostle ﷺ should be added in our children’s upbringing tools so that when they reach to their teenage, they should better understand the truth of this world and use their energies more positively rather wasting in reckless things.


Keeping Kids on the Righteous Path

The recent times have a whole lot of distractions that can easily take our kids off the track. As parents, we are not only accountable of providing them food, shelter and clothes but also for showing the bad and the good path of life. Therefore, striving hard to earn for our kids shouldn’t keep us too busy that our kids doesn’t even know about the true role models of Islam. No academic studies, not even media or society of today will teach your kids about Sahaba Karam, Imam Bukhari or Caliphs of Muslim Ummah. To raise our kids as the best generation of Muslim Ummah, it is our duty to become the best role models of our kids and invests more time than money in them.

Be their True Role Model

Where to start? Here are some tips that can help you start off towards raising a stronger generation. You can start doing it just as your kids start their schooling. And even if they are grown up –it’s never too late to come back towards Allah ﷻ.

  1. Select an Islamic personality for a month. For instance, you can start right from Prophet Adam AS, than rest of the prophets followed by Prophet Muhammad  ﷺ, His companions and then Imams, scholars and pious Muslims.
  2. Bring your kids Prophet Stories that are authenticated from Quran as bedtime stories instead of fairy-tales.
  3. Instead of asking them to offer prayers, stand with them and show them how to pray with “Khushu wa Khuzu”
  4. Download Quran MP3 on your phones with translation in your native language. Let your kids listen to it at least half an hour a day. This will help them understand Quran and also correct their Arabic narration.

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