Higher your Ultimate Success Stature – from Surah Al Airaf

Quran – being the most sacred book on Earth that contains direct messages of Allah ﷻ the Highest and the Creator of all Universes and galaxies, this Holy book provides us a complete guide towards wholesome success in this worldly life and hereafter. Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ has ornamented the holy Quran with beautiful Surah. Each surah has its own features, specific narrations that provide multiple meanings to everyone and solid decree of Allah that pave us to the righteous path. Amongst the eminence of Quranic Verses is “Surah al Airaf”.

Surah Airaf reveals something that on proper implementation will lead us to the high success stature. Here are the lessons learned from this beautiful Surah that can surely help us in weighing our scales of good deeds heavier on the day of resurrection.

Pay Attention and Be Focused

This Surah starts with “Abbreviated letters (Huroof al Muqata’at). These words are mysterious with the meaning known only to Allah ﷻ He uses these words to draw attention of the reader/listener. This is the first lesson of Surah Al Airaf –to pay attention. This phenomenon can be understood by a simple phrase; “Attention shapes the brain”. When we look up to something, our focus gets tuned and a well-focused mind is the basic need of productivity. Enhance your focus to achieve something, a clear message of Allah ﷻ is given through Al Airaf.

Beware of Your True Enemy –Satan

Surah Al Airaf

Surah Al Airaf

“And undoubtedly, We created you, then made your shapes, then We said to the angels, ‘prostrate before Adam then all those fell prostrate, but Iblis (devil); he was not of those who prostrated. He said, ‘what prevented you that you did not fall prostrate when I ordered you? Said he, I am better than him,You created me of fire and made him of clay.”

In Al Airaf, Allah ﷻ clearly revealed how Satan become enemy of human and declare a war against humans until the day of resurrection. It is Satan due to whom we are in a constant test of this world and away from our true destination –Heaven. It is the Satan that is eager to draw as much humans to hellfire as he can. So we have to identify our true enemy and keep ourselves in straight path that is ordained by Allah ﷻ.

Doing good on every level

Surah Al Airaf

“And those who accepted faith and did good deeds to their strength, We put not burden on anyone beyond his strength. They are companions of Paradise; they are to abide therein.”

Allah out of His absolute mercy will never burden anyone beyond his strength. He always wanted the best for His believers and provides opportunities to do good deeds on every affordable level. The reason is only to raise the status of that person and let him fulfill the requirements to attain Jannah.

Lessons from the Previous Nations

Surah Al Airaf

Surah Al Airaf

“Undoubtedly, We sent Noah towards his people then he said.’O my people! Worship Allah, you have no God other than He. Surely I fear for you the torment of the Mighty Day.”

“And to Aad send Hud from their brethren. He said, `O my people! Worship Allah, you have no god other than Him.’ Then do you not fear?”

Truly the People of Prophet Noah and People of Aad will be in true agony on the day of Resurrection. Allah wanted to help them and let them came towards Him through the Prophet Noah and Hood AS, but they refused. Allah ﷻ want us Muslims to never commit the sins that were acquired by other Ummah, so He ﷻ had revealed examples of them in Quran to warn us.

End Note

AL Airaf has provided many lessons to be learned and implemented in our lives to attain the real success and peace. Indeed, delving into the Quran is like unlocking treasures that can enrich our worldly lives and hereafter.

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