No Azizia And Non-Shifting Packages

No Azizia Hajj – This world comprises of numerous religions and their set rituals. With a variety of religious content, Islam is the second largest religion in the world. Islam incorporates 5 pillars to hold a Muslim character and way of living. Among the 5 pillars the most difficult is hajj as for it being mandatory once in a lifetime. For hajj, Muslims need to travel from their country to the Saudi Arabia in order to perform the pilgrimage and please their Allah.

Hajj occurs from the 8th to 12th of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, where Muslims around the World with all their hearts, souls and mind come and take part in 5 days hajj performance.

Drawbacks of Shifting Hotels

With the growing number of Muslims, it’s hard for the government to include all the visitors. However to oppose the situation Saudi government introduced non shifting hajj package. It works in a quite stressful manner where visitors need to stay at one hotel for some time and move to another. With this cost reduction criteria, it comes with many drawbacks like time waste, divided attention of pilgrimage, stressful and chaotic traveling especially for senior citizens and young couples.

Non-Shifting/ No Azizia packages

To narrow down the problem some of the understanding travel agencies introduced non shifting (no Azizia) hotel packages in which travelers would stay in one hotel throughout their journey with no compromises and hardships of traveling. With non-shifting hotel packages it will be a lot easier for all types of visitors, whether young couples or elderly to focus on their hajj rituals and stay carefree in their journey time. Some of the no Azizia hotel packages are not only cheap, but provide better quality of living in smooth and comfortable environment. So no compromise in traveling, no chaos and worry less ibadah.

Reasonable non-shifting hotels

Some of the non-shifting hotels include Burj Al Sultan Hotel, Pullman Zamzam Hotel which is as near as 100m from Masjid e Haram. Numerous other hotels like Al Haram, Retaj Al Fateh, Al Zahabi etc. Due to these hotels, not only traveling is relieved, but the environment and living style are well enchanted, convenient and comforting.

To choose wisely and remove people from nuisancestruggle of hotels, tour operators do their level best to introduce different and comfortable non-shifting hotels to counteract in order to make the visitor’s journey worthwhile and hassle free.

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