Palestinian Pilgrims For Umrah

EgyptAir flies 5000 Palestinian pilgrims to Umrah

Umrah from Palestine: –

Every year countless Palestinian pilgrims for Umrah enter Saudi Arabia to perform the religious obligation. Umrah is a great opportunity to cleanse your soul from all worldly attachments and desires. It brings a person closer to Allah, giving eternal contentment. Allah blesses those immensely who perform the pilgrimage. Allah promises abundance in health and wealth for the pilgrims. He listens to prayers and wishes that pilgrims make at different places, the holy mosques of Makkah and Madinah. 

Also, Allah wipes off their sins so they can make a fresh new start in their life.

Palestine and Islam: –

One of the holiest places on Earth, Palestine has immense religious significance for Muslims. The Dome of Rock, also known as Qubbat-al-Sakhra, is a sacred structure from where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ascended to the Heavens on the Night of Ascension. The Dome of the Rock rests in Jerusalem. Palestine has a rich Islamic history. Allah sent countless prophets to this land from time to time. Before Holy Kabah, the Qibla for Muslims was the Holy Mosque Al-Aqsa, indicating the importance of Palestine in Islam.

EgyptAir Embarks On Notable Commitment:-

This year has been a breakthrough for the Palestinian pilgrims for Umrah. Collaborating with Palestinian Airlines, EgyptAir gives the glad tiding of flying 5000 pilgrims to Saudi Arabia, opening an air bridge to Jeddah International Airport. The initiative led to scheduling of special flights for Palestinians during the Hajj and Umrah seasons. For instance, during the prevailing Umrah season, from 15th November 2022 to 20th February 2023, the Civil Aviation Authority of Egypt and the Chairman of EgyptAir confirm that they have arranged fourteen special flights. It is a warm and highly appreciative gesture of Egypt for their Palestinian brothers. 

Egypt Airlines will use the latest Boeing B787-9 aircraft to accomplish this huge commitment. The plane will accommodate 309 passengers in a flight. The Chairman board, Ehab Al-Tahtawi, asserts that the company will use this aircraft for the first time. The company plans to schedule four flights monthly to board Palestinian pilgrims for Umrah during the peak season. The Palestinian authorities greatly appreciated this brotherly gesture of EgyptAir. The GM of Palestinian Airlines, Jamal Almashharawi, thanked the graciousness of EgyptAir for facilitating the Palestinian pilgrims.

In July 2022, EgyptAir also opened the air bridge to accommodate the return of approximately 20,000 pilgrims from Saudi Arabia. The lot included nationals from countries like Egypt, Palestine, Mali, and other transit passengers. The airline company ran about 114 flights to fly these passengers. The company operated flights from both Jeddah and Madinah to board the Palestinian pilgrims for Umrah, among many others. 

Air Cairo Making the Parent Company Proud:-

Air Cairo is a subsidiary of EgyptAir. It runs on a low-cost model to facilitate price-savvy customers. Offering nominal in-flight services and luggage limits, the company cuts down costs, transferring the benefit to customers through low prices. Air Cairo has also been a key player in completing the operation of boarding the Palestinian pilgrims for Umrah. Through its exceptional service, it has shared the burden of its parent company, EgyptAir, in accommodating the pilgrims and other passengers. 

Things To Remember on Your Umrah Trips:-

For many of us, Umrah might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the house of Allah. Therefore one must prepare well to make the most out of the trip. Learning all the relevant supplications before embarking on the journey is a great idea. Packing should be just adequate. Weather-appropriate apparel and accessories are necessary, given the scorching heat of Saudi Arabia.  

Palestinian pilgrims for Umrah most likely be interested in visiting the holy places and monuments nearby. They can plan the trip accordingly by consulting their tour operator to include a visit to these places. These include Cave Hira, Mount Uhud, glorious mosques, Jannat-ul-Baqi, and many other sacred places. 

One of the most important things that Palestinian pilgrims would like to take back home is dates from Saudi Arabia. There is a huge dates market in Madinah from where pilgrims buy stocks of dates. Ajwa is the most popular variety, and it is Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) favorite and has immense health benefits.

Such regional and economic cooperation between Islamic countries renders a great example of brotherhood and fraternity. It encourages other Muslim countries to join hands and support each other as our religion expects us to.