5 Qualities that makes an Ideal Muslim Husband

Husband & Wife – The first relation bestowed on humans by Allah , surely this pure relation of man and woman is ruined due to false and materialistic implementation on the relationship. Apart of looks and finances, a couple has to deal with each other with the best virtues to strengthen their relationship. And when it comes to best behavior, a man can only obtain it by following the teachings of Islam. No doubt, a righteous Muslim husband is an ideal of every Muslimah.

The Muslim men are ranked as “Caliphs” for this world. So, to become an ideal husband, you have to be an ideal Muslim. Here are 5 qualities a man should develop to become an ideal Muslim husband and a Muslimah should seek in her husband.

Committed to Islam

Not just a Muslim name or belonging to a Muslim family can make you a religious person; the man should implement the Islamic teachings in every aspect of his life. A Muslim, who prays five times a day, earns halal and fear Allah in his every deed will surely not mistreat his wife. A true believer will always pursue the guidelines Allah has ordered –and that comes with treating the wife in most gentle and loving ways. And when it comes to an idyllic notion, which can be more eminent than a pious Muslim man?

“Verily, the most respectable amongst you is that who holds to Taqwa (Piety)” –Al-Hujuraat 49:13

A Positive Attitude

An ideal Muslim husband is the one who bears positivity in all aspects of life. He is motivated by having Allah on his side and keeps things easy on his family.

Allah’s Apostle has also guided the believers in this matter. It is narrated in Saheeh Sunan Al-Tirmidhi and classified as true by Al-Albaani that Prophet Muhammad stated;

“If you find one who’s religious commitment and attitude pleases you, then marry (your female relative who is under your guardianship) to him. If you don’t do that, the earth would tend to suffer from ordeals and corruption” –Al-Tirmidhi: 1084

Every woman wants her husband to hold a good and positive approach. Of course, the couple will have to see ups and downs of life with each other. But a husband who shows the lack of enthusiasm and pessimism will never help in keep things moving.

Gives Space to His Wife

An ideal Muslim husband is the one who respects his wife’s opinions and let her do things in her space. Islam never ordered women to stay stagnant and not thrive in education and career. Take the example of Khadijah RZ, she was amongst the richest persons of Quraish and still she was an Entrepreneur. With certain follow-ups, every woman has a right to learn and earn for herself. She is not forced to stay idle nor to get out and earn. Allah has given her the right to do what she thinks is best for her. Even if a woman wants to stay at home and take care of her family, she is still appreciated. Islam has ordered men to fulfill all needs of their wives, even if she is earning by herself. A man who values his wife opinions in the decision-making process and holds a non-egoistic character surely stands on the ideal husband stature.

Earns Halal

Of course, being financially strong is the motive of every person, but this doesn’t mean that one should overlook on how the person is earning. The clean and halal ways of earning should be appreciated on a default note. Being financially strong is not against spirituality –as misunderstood by many, instead it is a religious obligation for every Muslim. A man who is financially secure is surely considered as an ideal husband and there is no offense in striving for a good career in the fields that will help you earn halal for your family.

Righteous Character

In Surah Al-Noor, Allah has clearly revealed that,

“For pious men are pious women and righteous women for righteous men” –Al-Noor 24:26

This ayah is also an indication for the Muslims who wanted to get ideal spouses; they should strive to become righteous by themselves in order to get one as their spouses.

You can clearly perceive a righteous Muslim if he is kind, helpful and cheery in nature. If a man follows Islam, he knew the value of good conduct. This makes him an ideal Muslim husband too whenever he gets married.