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What is the best age for performing Umrah?

Best Age for Performing Umrah:

Just the thought of performing Umrah energizes the devotee, but one should bear in mind that performing Umrah is an arduous task. Many people wonder ‘What is the best age to perform Umrah’, the age at which an individual can make the most out of these spiritual journeys.

Many Ulema believe that it is better to perform Hajj and Umrah in young age. Youth? Juggling between responsibilities, overburdened with studies, carefree about finances, religious affairs… so not ‘their thing’, how could young age be the best age to perform Umrah? Well, the answers to all these questions are covered in the following discussion:

Life is Uncertain:

Numerous young people tend to connect the acts of performing Hajj and Umrah with the elderly. They assume that enjoying their youth takes precedence and intend to undertake Umrah in their 50s. Despite always planning for the future, the irony lies in the uncertainty of survival in the next moment. Therefore, if life presents you with the opportunity to perform Umrah in your youth, seize it. Setting aside the debate on whether young age is the optimal time for Umrah, there are instances where youth may be the only suitable age. Reflect on it!

As said by Hazrat Umar (R.A) and quoted in Bukhari: “When evening comes, do not expect (to live till) morning, and when morning comes, do not expect (to live till) evening. Take from your health (a preparation) for your illness and from your life for your death.”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has encouraged people to perform Hajj as soon as it is possible for them. Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam; hence it cannot be neglected, and should be the top priority for any Muslim. A young boy/ girl should grab the very first opportunity for Hajj and Umrah that comes their way.

As reported in Ibn Majah “Expedite the performance of Hajj.  For nobody knows what may obstruct one.”

As informed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Allah said: ‘Any of My slaves who is healthy and are of the means for five years, and did not visit My house, he is mahroom.” (Ibn Hibban & Musnad Abu Ya’laa: 3703:1031).

Umrah for Brighter Financial Future:

If a youngster is looking forward to a bright, financially stable future, he or she should try to perform as many Umrah as possible.

The Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Keep on doing Hajj and Umrah, because they both eliminate poverty and sins just like a furnace eliminates the dirty impurities of iron, gold and silver.  And an accepted Hajj has no reward less than Paradise!” (Tirmithi, Nisaa’i, Ahmad)

Young age is the best age for performing Umrah because the sooner as a person performs it, the sooner he/ she gets financial stability and can secure a stable future (Allah Willing).

The Supplication (Dua):

Another compelling factor highlighting the optimal timing for performing Umrah during one’s youth is the abundance of aspirations that young individuals hold. During the Umrah pilgrimage, Allah graciously responds to the legitimate prayers of His devoted followers. As stated in Tirmithi, “The most favorable supplication is the one made on the day of Arafah.” Hence, this presents a significant opportunity for young believers to steer their lives in the right direction by seeking Allah’s guidance and assistance in pivotal areas like education, career, relationships, health, finances, and the hereafter.

It is also stated that “The warrior in the path of Allah, the one performing Hajj and the one performing Umrah are the delegations of Allah.  If they call on Allah they are answered and if they ask Him for anything it is given to them.” (Ibn Maajah, Ibn Hibban)

A Chance to Repent:

A person is most flexible in youth. Performing Umrah cleanses an individual from all the sins and gives them the best chance to repent and revert back to Islam. With this they get a head start in overcoming their mistakes which they committed in the past.

Make the best out of your Youth

As mentioned in Bukhari that “There are two blessings which many people do not make the most of and thus lose out: good health and free time.”

Umrah is not only a spiritual or emotional journey, it also demands physical strength. Youth is said to be the best age to perform Umrah because a young person is energetic and can perform all the rituals of Umrah properly. Hence, the best way to take advantage of your youth, health and energy is to devote them all to serve and please ‘Allah’, because when he blesses someone, he keeps no count of it.

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