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Types Of Dates- History, Importance, And Benefits

Dates are synonymous with the Saudi Arabian culture. When you are on your Saudi-e-Arabia tour, you cannot resist purchasing premium quality dates to take back home. Your tour company can guide you regarding where to buy different types of dates. At every stage of cultivation, from unripe green dates to sun-dried black dates, people enjoy the delicious taste of these heavenly fruits. 

History of dates in Islam: –

Saudi Arabia is the world’s third-largest dates producing country. The history of dates goes back to 7000 BC in the region. Historically, the date palm has been a very important tree in the deserts of Saudi Arabia. Apart from playing a vital role in producing agricultural output, the trees provided shade, water, and rest in the harsh desert plains. They provided sustenance to the Arabian life. People used to construct simple houses out of palm trees. No wonder the Saudi Arabian people labelled it as the tree of life.

Importance of dates in Islam: –

Allah has mentioned dates in the Holy Quran 22 times. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told that it is a fruit from heaven. All types of dates are full of benefits. However, Ajwa dates importance in Islam is paramount. It is one of the favourite fruits of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He used to break his fast with dates. Since then, Muslims break their fast at Maghrib by consuming dates during Ramadan. Even science backs the use of power-packed dates to break the fast. 

Different Types Of Dates In The World: –

Here are some of the different types of dates and benefits they give. 

Ajwa: –

Amongst the different types of dates, Ajwa is the undisputed king of dates. There are many ahadith to indicate the benefits of Ajwa dates. With a smooth and silky texture, the date melts into the mouth bursting a heavenly sweet flavour. Ajwa dates have amazing healing properties. They are a natural kind of antidote protecting against the effect of poison. Extremely nutritious, Ajwa dates promote good health.

Anbara: –

One of the most popular types of dates Anbara is a delight of Madinah. Big in size, juicy, sweet, and protected with a thin skin Anbara dates are just what you need to satisfy your sugar craving! Anbara dates are one of the major exports of Saudi Arabia. 

Barhi: –

Barhi dates are smaller in size. With a more spherical shape and a thick layer on the outside, Barhi dates are one of the sweetest and creamiest varieties of dates. They taste best when they are fresh rather than dried. 

Khudri: –

Packed with minerals and fibre Khudri dates are excellent for a healthy digestive system. They have a mild sweet taste and chewy texture. Khudri dates come in both small and large sizes variety.

Mabroom: –

Mabroom is one of the most preferred types of dates in the world. These elongated dates have a creamy texture. An exotic flavour and great health benefits make Mabroom dates extremely popular.

Safawi: –

Another date variety of Madinah, Safawi dates has a soft and moist texture. From medium to long, Safawi dates come in both sizes. Their dark black colour identifies them from other dates. Safawi dates are abundant in minerals like Magnesium, copper, iron, and calcium, making them a healthy choice.

Sagai: –

Sagai is one of the unique types of dates grown in Saudi Arabia. Their two-tone colour distinguishes them from other dates. They are golden and dry at the tip, while the rest of the part is brown and soft. These dates are plentiful in antioxidants and nutrients that protect against harmful diseases such as cancer and heart problems.

Sukkari: –

Another popular variety of dates, the Sukkari date has a palatable flavour. Sukkari dates are an important ingredient in both sweet and savoury dishes recipes. 

Zahidi: –

Full of nutrients Zahedi dates help treat several ailments including dyspepsia, anaemia, and vision and memory problems. These oval-shaped dates have light brown skin and a fleshy golden interior. 

Benefits of dates: –

Which types of dates are good for your health? All kinds of dates are full of nutrients that boost health. Dates are an excellent source of natural sugar boosting your energy level instantly. Full of minerals and calcium, they promote good bone and tooth health.

Dates are also useful to improve fertility for both men and women. Regular consumption of dates improves vision and memory. They help maintain blood pressure at an ideal level. They also promote good heart health by strengthening the heart muscle. Full of fibre, dates are very good for healthy intestines. They regularize the bowel movements and aid in the healthy functioning of the digestive system.

Dates help ease the labour by providing strength to bear the enormous pain. Lactating mothers should also consume dates to increase good quality milk supply.  People of Saudi Arabia use the different types of dates to make the most scrumptious Middle Eastern recipes. Rice dishes, cookies, pies, and many others taste heavenly with the addition of dates.