Start Planning your Hajj Today –The Ultimate Checklist!

Hajj Checklist 2017 – Muslims of all ages yearn to go for hajj and see the holy Kaaba in person. It is an opportunity that Muslims seek for the forgiveness of Allah and for contentment in their life.

Hajj is obligatory for all Muslims who are in good health and financially-able which is why most Muslims plan their it after they have reached their mid-age.

Regardless of the time that you choose to perform this, going on the sacred trip requires utmost planning and preparation. Most Muslims start saving for the trip years earlier whilst bookings for the yearly pilgrimage are made many months before the actual day.

If you or a family member is also planning to go for the once in a lifetime experience, you should also start making arrangements soon.

Below is a Helpful Hajj Checklist 2017 That You Can Use Your Hajj Plan

  1. Do Niyat: Say Bismillah and ask Allah to support you in finding the time and resources that allows you to perform Hajj in the coming year.
  2. Save up: This is a big investment and one requires a lot of money so it’s best to start saving up way earlier than you intend to go.
  3. Shop around: Various travel agents offer varied travel Hajj Packages 2017. These include the time duration, quality of the hotel you stay in, the group you go with, and other lifestyle factors. Consider the choices and select a travel package that best suits your lifestyle and of course, budget.
  4. Make your Reseach: If you plan on going for Pre Hajj Registration via a travel agent, then he will assist you regarding the immigration law of Saudi Arabia. But make sure your passport is not expired and other related paperwork is intact so there is no hassle for you at the last moment.
  5. Make your will: Before leaving for Hajj, must get hajj checklist, because it is necessary for Muslims to draft out their will as death can come any time. Your will should specify accurate distribution of your wealth among your family members.
  6. End any dispute and debt: Before going for the holy pilgrimage, it is important for Muslims to settle all debts that they might have. It is also essential to end any disputes you might have with family members, friends, and co-workers.
  7. Read up: There are a number of guidebooks that can help increase your knowledge about Makah, Medina, and the Hajj. Read up and educate yourselves on the different rituals of hajj and what is allowed and what is not during the days of pilgrimage.
  8. Stay physically fit: Hajj requires a lot of walking in the sun and can be a tiring journey for many. Stay fit by eating a healthy diet and walking at least 30 minutes a day to stay in the best of shape.

So start planning today and make a sincere niyat for Hajj. May Allah give us all the ability to visit his home. Ameen.

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