Reality of Dreams in Islam

Dream in Islam

Purpose of Life in Islam – Not all the people believe in dream and the true importance of dreams, simply because they are unseen and in our unconscious. On the other hand, there are people who firmly believe in dreams and work their lives according to the dreams that they see. This group of people bases their everyday life tasks and even the important decisions on their dreams.

reality of dreams in islam

Three basic types of dreams:

We have heard that we are sleeping; your soul partially leaves our body and wanders around. Our soul returns back to our body right when we wake up. In Islam sleep in also called “Minor death”.

  1. Self-talk dreams

Most of the time dreams are about our own thoughts that are present in our unconscious. These are the inner thoughts that everyone has in their unconscious and these self-talk dreams are the pure reflection of thoughts present in our unconscious.

  1. Dreams that are from Satan

These dreams are purely from Satan, who is our worst enemy and will never leave us alone and will disturb us even in our dreams. Here are two ways Satan can disturb our sleep:

  • Daunting dreams: we know very well that the goal of the Satan is to make us lose our faith and make us weaker. That is why Satan will scare us in the scary dreams to drag us away from Allah.
  • By projecting one to commit a sin: Another way he can disturb our dream is to make us commit a sin. For example, committing adultery, being naked, doing drugs etc. Satan does this to weaken our faith.

What to do when you have scary dreams:

  • Repent immediately and seek refuge with Allah
  • Do not mention the scary dream to anyone
  • Say Ta’uz and spit three times on your left-hand side.
  1. Good dreams: also known as truthful dreams

These dreams are the rarest type and are said to be one of the 46th parts or prophecies, according to hadith. These dreams depend on upon the level of sincerity of the individual. These dreams are true in nature and deliver glad tidings to the individual. One may experience these dreams if they are going through tough time and make seek comfort through these dreams. Following are the two types of good dreams:

  • Dreams that are very clear in their meaning and you can recall everything that you saw in your dream.
  • Dreams that are not very clear in their meaning. Hence, they may require interpretation.

What to do when you have truthful dreams

  • Say Alhumdulilah and praise Allah SWT for granting you this kind of dream
  • Tell the good dreams only to those whom you trust and love.
  • Feel good about the dream

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