Multazam of Kaaba – The Clinging Place

Many must be wondering what is known by Multazam especially those who did not get the privilege to visit the holy city of Makkah. Multazam is the area which is bordered by the door of Kaaba on one side and Hajr-e-Aswad on the other. You may see most of the people clinging to this area, touching it, holding it, kissing it, seeking forgiveness and praying for their wishes to come true. This is a mere two-meter long area that goes along the wall of the most pretty full sight in the world known as the House of Allah Almighty.

Considered as a highly desirable and holy place to touch for most of the pilgrims. Al –Multazam is the part of the Kaaba which is a spot where many confess their sins and make dua of forgiveness. This area beside the door of Kaaba has very high spiritual importance.

Multazam- The Place of Clinging

Multazam is derived from the Arabic word iltizaam that means clinging. The supplicants place their face, forearms, chest, and palms against the walls of the Kaaba specifically this place known as Multazam and pour out their hearts and ask for whatever dua they wish.

Multazam- The Place of Clinging

There is no special dua that Muslims should ask while clinging to the Multazam of Kaaba. If it is easy the pilgrim may go to Multazam before performing farewell tawaaf or when he enters into the Kaaba. Otherwise, pilgrims may visit Multazam at any instance if they are unable to do so at both these times. Moreover, people must not cause difficulty by offering lengthy prayers at Multazam. If a pilgrim sees an empty space he may supplicate otherwise it is sufficient to say prayers while circumambulating or prostrating during prayer.

History of Multazam

Many scholars are of the view that Multazam is every part of Kaaba. According to some reports, the back wall of the Holy Kaaba is considered as Multazam. For others area under Mizab which is a drain pipe fixed on top of the wall of Kaaba is Multazam. However, this view is not adopted by most of the scholars as many of the narrations have one or more narrators due to which those hadith have become weak. There are many views related to Multazam while the different school of thoughts is having their own opinions. Yet the actions of Sahabah on this matter are not specific to a particular place but were according to the ease to reach the parts of Kaaba. Allah knows best.

The authenticity of the rituals of Multazam

There are few events that describe the situation in which our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH was seen touching and clinging to the Multazam. Yet in the chain of narrators, there are one or two persons due to which those hadith are considered as weak. Just like in the following narration:

The authenticity of the rituals of Multazam

The isnad of this narration includes Yazeed bin Abi Ziyad who is classified as weak by Abu Zar’ah, Abu Hatim and Ibn Mueen. The difference of opinion is due to that fact that it is not included in the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet to cling to the part known as Multazam however the companions of our holy prophet would do this act when they used to enter Makkah.

Based on the above facts it is proved that there is nothing erroneous in clinging to the parts of Kaaba as long as it does not involve hurting or annoying others.