How Muslims of US Spend their Holidays in December

December is the time of year when you get a long break from the usual routine. Everyone at home gets off from their school, college and workplace for the events of Christmas and New Year. Some would utilize these holidays by lying in bed till Dhuhr and spending rest of the day in front of the TV. Why spend this time in vain when you can take full advantage of this once in a year holiday break in a good way.

Time is one of the precious commodities granted by Allah SWT so do something new and have a life changing experience. Following are some beneficial ways to spend your holidays:

Read Islamic Literature in Holidays

This is the best time to get nourished intellectually and spiritually by reaping Islamic knowledge. One always wishes to read a book but cannot find the time to do it. This is the time to pick up your favorite literature which could inspire you to be a good parent or an Islamic inspiration at low times of life.

Ahadith Time

Turn these holidays into a productive family time by making going through a hadith together. You can involve kids to participate in the debate on the essence and practical implementation of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It will serve as a reward earning- opportunity for decades.

Go to an Islamic event

Many Islamic lectures and events are planned during winter break in the West. Find a talk or event and take your siblings, parents or friends along. This is a great way for self-assessment and devising your Islamic aims and goals.

Invigorate kids at Mosque

Children love to go to those mosques where they are engaged in different Islamic activities. Turn your nearby mosque into one of those mosques where kids are inspired and entertained. It could be sadqa-e-jaria for you.

Orchestrate a fundraiser

Muslims all over the world are suffering and needy, especially in places like Gaza, Syria, Burma and African countries. Choose a place where Muslims are gathered occasionally like a mosque or Islamic event to make people aware of the conditions of destitute Muslims. Then encourage them to donate for their Islamic brothers. You will have an indescribable experience of a lifetime having some low cost Umrah December deals.

Perform Umrah

The best way to utilize your annual holidays is going to Umrah. Get purified this year by seeking your Lord’s pleasure and race towards the house of Allah SWT.  Enjoy this spiritual expedition of life with your family and make it a journey to remember.

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