Hajj – atul – Wada – The Last Hajj of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

The history records the Hajj performed by Muhammad (PBUH) as Hajj Atul Wada (The Farewell Hajj). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) performed Hajj only once in his life, in the last days of his prophet-hood. He performed the pilgrimage at the age of sixty three. By this time, Prophet (PBUH) was able to successfully accomplish his mission of spreading the word ‘deen’ of Allah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) took Arabs out of the darkness and provided them with the light of righteousness and success. He enthuse them to believe in existence and oneness of Allah, the exhausted, the master of all the masters, the creator of this universe, and made them obey Him.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) united the people of Arab who used to be disconnected with each other and provide them with a comprehensive course of action. He talked about the love of Allah for his people. He communicated that for the success of a society it is necessary that it is based upon righteousness, piety and God-consciousness. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) delivered the truth to the people and showed them the ultimate path of success i.e. following Al-Quran.

Invitations for Accompanying Muhammad (PBUH) in Hajj  Atul  Wada:

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) visualized the fact that the time for him to depart to heaven is near. Therefore, he decided to give perfect ending to his journey. He decided to gather his followers and to deliver them the final sermon covering all the necessary aspects of life, so that they imprint it on their minds and follow it religiously. To execute this, he invited his followers from all the parts of Arab to join him in this Hajj Pilgrimage.

The Start of the Journey of Hajj  Atul  Wada:

Five days before the commencement of the month of Zul Hajj, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), put of Ihram and left for Makkah with over 114000 Muslims accompanying him. As he travelled, he recited

“Labbaik! Allahumma Labbaik! Labbaika Laa shareeka Lak, Inna lHamda wan na’imata lakaa wal mulk, laa shareeka lak”.

Translation: “Here I am at Thy service, here I am, O’ Lord, here I am to declare that there is no partner with Thee. All praise and blessings belong to Thee and all sovereignity is Thine. I am here at Thy service, and Thou hast no partner, O’ Allah.”

Companions of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) repeated the same call, audibly.

After Reaching Makkah:

After reaching Makkah on the 5th of Zul Hajj, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) encircled (Tawaf) Kabbah seven times and offered two rakat salah at ‘Maqam-e-Ibraheem. While climbing the Mount of Safa, he said, “There is no god but Allah, He has no partner, all sovereignty and praise belong to Him. He gives life and brings death. He is All-Powerful and Supreme over everything.”

Prophet (PBUH) left with his companions for Mina and spent the night there on the 8th of Zul Hajj and he proceeded to Arafat on the 9th, after the Fajr salah where he delivered his final sermon.

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