Different Ways to Help the Poor and Needy People

The Islamic way of life is a simple one. No heavy burden is put on any soul, as much as he or she cannot bear. The Islamic religion promotes all forms of good and forbids all evil. And of the greatest encouragement for Muslims is to think about those who are less fortunate and privileged in society.

Islam stresses the different ways to help the poor and needy people. It was stated by the Holy Prophet PBUH that one of the most rewarding deeds in the Islamic religion is assisting those in need, gladdening the Muslim heart, feeding those in hunger and assisting those afflicted.

Poor and Needy People

Above all, the Holy Quran mentions regarding the different ways to help the poor and needy people in the following verse: “Allah will aid a servant of HIS so long as the servant aids his brother.”

And to give you a head start on this righteous deed, we’ve outlined the different ways to help the poor and needy people below.

Embark upon moral consolation

Moral consolation tops our list for different ways to help the poor and needy people. Take the time out to give them a hand up, instead of a handout. Moral support should comprise of heartfelt humility as well as respect. Communicate with them and raise their self-esteem in terms of overcoming daily barriers and providing them with countless opportunities.

Take advantage of the power of social media and let the voice for the suppressed be heard

The power of social media can never be denied when it comes to helping the underprivileged members of society. Raise your voice for your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters so as to create awareness. Allow others to enjoin on your journey of helping those in need.

Offer personal financial assistance

Offer Personal Financial Assistance to Needy People

No act of charity in Islam can ever go to waste. Once a Muslim believer understands the countless rewards promised by their Lord for enjoining upon charity, they will never stop. Financial assistance for a good cause can go a long way, especially when you associate with charitable houses.

Take Part in Fundraising

Another great way to help the poor and needy is to take part in fundraising. Step out for a good charitable cause. Raise funds for the sick, poor and oppressed. Affiliate yourself with NGO’s and other charitable organizations.

Donate food supplies and groceries to those in need

Donate food supplies and groceries to those in need

This act of charity may seem small for the average Muslim but it is one of immense greatness for those deprived of everyday necessities. Embark on a food drive by collecting edible supplies and groceries. Donate time or money to those organizations that cook for the poor. This relief of hunger will grant you countless blessings.

Volunteer your skills and time for a good cause

Volunteering your time as well as your skills for a good cause is a wonderful way to help the poor and needy people.  Whether it revolves around providing food, shelter, belongings or clothing or simply empowering them with education- there are a plethora of volunteering options that top the list.