5 Benefits of Supplication (Dua) according to Islamic Perspective

Have you ever felt tired, afflicted, depressed, frustrated, broken and stressed? In a world like this, such traumas have become quite common to be experienced by an individual. Benefits of Dua and Concept of Islam has given us a quick cure for all these. Just hold up your hand together and reveal all problems to Allah, yes supplicate! It is the most beautiful gift of Allah ﷻ to his believers.

Benefits of Dua

Dua is a three letter Arabic word but its meaning and concept is deeper. A person who has sound faith never ever stops making supplication to the Lord of the Heavens. Here are the 5 benefits you can attain by supplicating every time.

An Ultimate Connection to Allah

Benefits of Dua (Supplication) is the ultimate key for connecting to Allah Almighty. In good times or bad, a believer always supplicates to Allah in order to establish a constant connection with his CREATOR.  The best advantage of supplicating is the person remains sanctified and eventually stayed away from satanic traps. In Surah Al-Baqarah –ayah 186, Allah ﷻ clearly declared that HE is near to us, and respond to every request and call we make to him. Allah u Akbar!

In Surah Al-Baqarah –ayah 186A Stress-reliever

The times of afflictions are the best time to talk to Allah, take HIM on your side and give away all the worries to HIM. When a person supplicates, it helps maintain his psychological balance as he talks out all the issues to the ONE ﷻ. In surah al-Momin –ayah 60, Allah asked his believers to directly call him whenever you want, and don’t be arrogant. Calling out to Almighty is surely a great cure for all problems.

surah al-Momin –ayah 60Prevents from satanic traps

Of course, a distressed person looks impatiently for someone who can solve his problems. This is the time when his hope fades out and Satan starts to misguide him. But if he starts supplicating for his pains, Allah heals his heart and blesses him with new hope. In Surah al-Aa’raf –ayah 200, it is revealed;

Surah al-Aa’raf –ayah 200Helps Believer Reduce his Sins

Allah ﷻ lets a believer pass from certain turmoil and calamities so that he can learn the lesson, get skilled in something and attain best for this life and hereafter. Supplication in calamity not only helps a person go through his problem, but also reduces his past sins. A person who holds up his hands to Allah and supplicates surely reveals his faith in the CREATOR. This act brushes off his sins for sure.

As revealed in Surah Zumr, ayah 53 and 59,

Surah Zumr, ayah 53

Surah Zumr, ayah 59The Sunnah of Prophets and Messengers

To supplicate after every salah is an essential ritual. It is a gift for the believer who performs salah where he can ask Allah whatever he wishes. It is the sunnah of Allah’s apostles. Whether the fire turned into flower petals due to Ibrahim AS’s supplication or the whale took out Younis AS from its belly due to his repentance and constant supplications, we have so many examples of these pious men who kept on supplicating to Allah the Almighty and got unlimited rewards.

ayat mudharat 106

End Note

Benefits of Dua is of great power. It can decide and change your destiny if you constantly make it. Never ever give up praying and supplicating to Allah Almighty no matter what your condition is.

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