First and Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The Last Sermon

First and Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Islam is a complete code of life. We all know that every religion talks about peace and love where Islam is the religion who carried on the light but yes it has the privilege to give first human rights charter in history of mankind. Not only Muslims […]

Important For All The Muslims To Know About Hajj Facts

Hajj Facts

For getting spiritually charged up, it is important for all the Muslims to know about Hajj facts as it will motivate them to plan to embark on the spiritual journey of Hajj. Some of the Hajj facts are stated below: More than 2.5 million Muslims travel to Makkah, every year to perform the holy pilgrimage of […]

The Purpose of Life According to Islam

The Purpose of Life According to Islam

Purpose of Life Apparently in the current scenario, the only purpose of life is to get rich, be successful and gather every materialistic luxury. It looks like a marathon in which everyone is just anxious to get to the top by all means. But this is surely not the exact reason why mankind is created. […]

The Essential Umrah Guide for Muslims

The Essential Umrah Guide for Muslims

Planning for a journey towards Makkah and Madinah to Perform Umrah for Chicago, San Jose, San Francisco, New York, Houston, Los Angeles and Many More USA Cities ? Get a complete guide for your sacred journey here! Umrah is a beautiful journey to the house of Allah SWT. It is one of the greatest Sunnah […]

fasting in ramadan

7 Reasons Why You Should Fast in Ramadan

Fasting in Ramadan Fasting is the third important pillar of Islam. During Umrah in Ramadan, it is an obligation to every adult and healthy Muslim men and women to fast from dawn to dusk. During fast, they are not allowed to eat, drink, get close to their spouses, and misbehave. In Western countries, we are […]

Things to Do in Pakistan

Things to Do in Pakistan

Wondering which place to visit for vacations this time? Plenty of places in Pakistan are waiting for you to have a boom. Pakistan –a land of mystery, beauty, and people who always find a solution for almost anything. It’s a fertile land that provides best brains and scenic horizons. The only thing lacking to make […]

Wadi E Jinn

Wadi E Jinn, A Thrilling Adventure

Wadi-e-Jinn Have you ever thought of confronting a genie? Have you ever imagined how they look? No? Not yet? Well! For that you can go to the genie valley (wadi-e jinn) near Madinah to try your luck to find a genie. You might or might not find one there. Do genies really exist? For Muslims […]