Vaccination Requirements for Umrah 2014 – Umrah 2015

Vaccination Requirements for Umrah 2014- Umrah 2015:

Keeping in mind the medical concerns related to Umrah 2014– Umrah 2015, Saudi Arabs requires the pilgrims to get vaccinated against the following diseases/ viral infections, etc:

Vaccination against Meningococcal Meningitis:

A certificate of vaccination is required to be presented by adults and children over the age of 2 years arriving for the purpose of Umrah or Hajj pilgrimage. The requirement for the certificate to be valid is that it should be issued not more than 3 years back and no less than 10 days prior to arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Vaccination Requirements for Umrah 2014- Umrah 2015 (Countries other than the United Kingdom):

The Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia has other vaccination requirements for Umrah 2014- Umrah 2015 pilgrims coming from countries other than the United Kingdom:

Poliomyelitis – Countries affected by Polio infection countries having high risk of re-importation of polio virus regardless of age and vaccination status, must receive a dose of oral polio vaccine before landing in Saudi Arabia. (*View affected countries on the Ministry of Health website.)

Yellow Fever – All the pilgrims traveling from nations known to be infected with Yellow Fever (according to WHO) are required to present a valid Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate. (*View affected countries on the Ministry of Health (Saudi Arabia) website.)

Vaccines for Umrah 2014- Umrah 2015 (Recommended):

All the pilgrims should make sure that they are updated with the suggested immunizations for life. (For instance in the UK it is required for a traveler to have 5 doses of tetanus vaccine and five doses of polio vaccine.) Vaccine booster dose should be given if the validity of the vaccinations has expired. It is advised to the traveler to get him/herself checked for diseases before leaving for Umrah 2014 / Umrah 2015. Pilgrims are recommended to get vaccinated for the below mentioned diseases before leaving for  Umrah 2014/ Umrah 2015.

Seasonal Influenza – One of the vaccination requirements for Umrah 2014- Umrah 2015 by the Saudi Ministry of Health is the vaccination against influenza. The ministry advises the pilgrims to get vaccinated before arriving in Saudi Arabia. It is especially important for those who are prone to catch the viral, such as the elderly, individuals with chronic chest or heart disease, diabetes or immunosuppression.

Measles and Rubella- With the current resurgence of Measles and Rubella instances, special actions are required to be taken in order to counter them and to avoid widespread outbreaks during Umrah 2014 / Umrah 2015. Therefore, before traveling for Hajj/ Umrah it is important to ensure that travelers vaccinated and immune to these diseases.

General Guidelines to avoid Health Risks during Umrah 2014- Umrah 2015:

The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health suggests that elderly (over 65 years old) and patients of chronic diseases (For instance: Heart and Kidney, Respiratory System related diseases), people with terminal illness, pregnant women and kids under 12 years of age should postpone the performance of Umrah 2014/ Umrah 2015 for their own well being.

In order to limit the spread to viral diseases, the Ministry of health Saudi Arabia advises the pilgrims to abide by certain health guidelines which are stated below:

  • Keep your hands clean, wash and disinfect them often (especially after sneezing or coughing)
  • Dispose-off the used tissue papers properly especially after sneezing and coughing on them.
  • Avoid the contact of hands with eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Try to stay away from people who show signs of having respiratory or other infections.
  • Avoid the intake of under-cooked meat or food prepared under unsanitary conditions. Ensure to properly wash fruit and vegetables before eating them. Avoid the use of unpasteurized milk, other milk products, and camel’s milk.
  • In crowded places wear mask over your nose and mouth.
  • Sustain good personal hygiene.
  • Keep away from animals.
  • Ensure that you fulfill all the vaccinated requirements for Umrah 2014/ Umrah 2015 made by the Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia.


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