The Hajj / Umrah Check List

Check list for Hajj/ Umrah (Packing)        

Performing Hajj/ Umrah is not an easy task. It demands a lot of energy, will-power and physical/emotional strength. In order to ensure a smooth journey, the role of good planning cannot be under-estimated. If the traveler takes along all the essential items with him/her, the chance of facing unwanted situations will minimize. A check list for packing helps travelers ensure that they pack all the necessary items. Shared under is a list of items which is required by every person who leaves for Hajj/ Umrah.

The basics

  1. Ahram.
  2. Umbrella.
  3. 2 Pairs of Slippers.
  4. Towels.
  5. Toiletries (Shampoo, Tooth Brush, Toothpaste, Soap, etc).
  6. Snacks, dry fruit items.
  7. Tissue Papers.
  8. Clock with alarm.
  9. General medicines for benign viral infections, headache, indigestion etc.
  10. Special medicines (Inhaler for Asthma).
  11. Detergents.
  12. A couple of plastic cups, plates and glasses.
  13. Socks (A few pairs).
  14. Nail Cutters, scissors, small knife for cutting fruits (Do not keep them in your hand luggage).
  15. Camera and its batteries (Do not keep them in your hand Luggage).
  16. A prayer mat (if necessary).
  17. Extra travel bags (1 small, 1 big).
  18. Hand / Body lotions, petroleum jelly to counter dryness due to air conditioning.
  19. A Travel Sewing Kit (Thread, Needle, Buttons, Safety pins etc) and a travel Iron.
  20. Tea Bags and Water Heater (Optional).
  21.  Pen and paper.

The Checklist for Hajj/ Umrah (Documents)

Make sure that you attend the Hajj/Umrah related seminars and workshops organized by your travel agent, so that you are aware of all the steps to be taken, in prior. Tally the checklist for Hajj and Umrah (Documents), ensuring that you have all the required travel documents with you, before you leave for Hajj/Umrah.

The major documents include

  1. Passport*
  2. National Identity Card*
  3. Airline Ticket (*Keep photocopies of the ticket in your hand baggage and the suitcase/bag you intend to book).
  4. Hotel Booking Letter/ Vouchers
  5. Transport Vouchers or tickets
  6. Health Insurance Certificate
  7. Relationship Certificate (Case specific)
  8. Extra Photographs
  9. Contact List/ Phonebook/Special Numbers

* You will have to wear Ahram before boarding the airplane, if you are scheduled to land directly in Jeddah. Fret not! There will be a lot of travelers who will help you with it. If you have a travel agent, he/she will guide you.

* Once you reach Saudi Arabia, be prepared for the delays at the airport. The transfer to your hotel might take a while. Bear in mind that it is common and your agent has no control over the locals there. Only patience will resolve the issue.

The Final Checklist for Hajj/ Umrah

  1. Make sure that you leave home with the intention of obeying Allah and avoiding Riya. Pray two Rakat Namaz-e-Hajjat for a safe journey.

    Before leaving the house, make sure that you
  2. Check all your travel documents.
  3. Leave an extra set of photocopied documents at home.
  4. Take only one decent bag or suitcase (Preferably with wheels, so it becomes easier to move it. Tie a vibrant colored ribbon to it, so that it is easily identified).
  5. Each and every bag that you carry has your name tag on it.
  6. Keep a basic language guide (Arabic) with you.
  7. Call the airport to check for the possible flight delays
  8. Make sure that you leave considerably (3 hours) before the flight takes off.

Checklist for Hajj/ Umrah (Currency)

The checklist for Hajj/ Umrah (Currency) should enlist the money related checks such as, they amount of money to be kept, where to keep the money, how much money should be kept in each bag, etc.

Your passports will be collected from you before you board in Jeddah or at Madinah airport and will be handed back to you when you return back to Jeddah to take the flight back home. Hence, it is advised to keep cash instead of Travelers’ check as they are hard to cash without the passport.

It is highly recommended to carry US Dollar, Pound Sterling or Euros (Preferably, big denominations, like 100 or 50).  It is very easy for the travelers to convert the currency into Saudi Arabian Riyals, as currency exchange units are easily accessible.

As a precautionary measure, do not keep all of your money in one place. Keep some in your hand baggage and some in your suitcase. The ideal amount to carry is dollar 1000 per person covering emergency needs and miscellaneous expenses.

Ensure that you take care of all the above mentioned areas as it will make you less dependent on others and will minimize the chances of you confronting undesirable situations.

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