arafat day

Arafat Day: The Day of Mercy

Allah the Almighty has favored some months to others, some days to others and some nights to others. He ﷻ has chosen particular times in years to be seasons of worship and virtuous deeds. In the blessed moments of these days, the reward for righteous deeds is increased and sins are excused. One of these […]

Sunnah Of The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Allah has made man the noblest of all creatures. He made humans and sent them to Earth to worship Him and lead the lives, the way Quran and Sunnah taught us. What is Sunnah? Sunnah is the lifestyle and teachings of our beloved Holy Prophet ﷺ. His life is a complete source of guidance for […]

Hajj A Lifetime Achievement

Hajj A Lifetime Achievement for Muslim

Wearing two just white clothes, being far away from the comfort of their homes, under the scorching sun heat, tired and nauseous but still calling “Labaik” with full spiritual energy is actually the best moments of life of every Muslim. The fifth pillar of Islam and the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim –performing Hajj is the […]

Stay Safe During Hajj 2016

How to Stay Safe During Hajj 2016?

Safety Tips for Hajj 2016 To make sure that you don’t face any inconvenience during Hajj 2016, take into consideration the following safety tips. Keep Connected with Friends and family The very first safety tip for Hajj 2016 is to stay connected with your near ones. To ensure connectivity with your friends and family members […]