Life after Death in Islamic Perspective

Life After Death In Islamic Perspective

Death Islamic Perspective Death is inevitable. The only thing we are certain about in this life is death. We are born to die. Every soul shall taste the death regardless of their identity. This is confirmed many times in the Holy Quran: “Every Soul has to taste the death; and you’ll get your recompense in […]

Health Benefits Fasting

Fasting Health Benefits Whole Body Wellness

Health Benefits Fasting Health Benefits Fasting during month of Ramadan – It is the time of fasting, piousness, giving, self-training and sacrifice. Without a doubt, the essence of fasting is in this month is spiritual. However, Ramadan also offers various benefits to body and mind. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH stated, “Soomo wa tsahhoo” meaning […]

How many Prophets are there in Islam

How Many Prophets are There in Islam

Allah SWT loves his creation. That is why He sent down messengers and prophets for their guidance. Prophets were raised at different times and different lands. Each of the prophets preached Islam, i.e., submission to Allah SWT though the teaching is not named the same then. Every prophet told about the coming of last Prophet […]

Hajj and Umrah Services Delaware

Hajj and Umrah Services in Delaware

Delaware Delaware is home to a prominent Muslim population, the largest being in Newark. The state has approximately 5 mosques and various organizations that work for the propagation of Islam in the area. Hajj and Umrah are essential parts of Islam. It is a spiritual journey that a Muslim pilgrim undertakes to visit the Holy […]

5 Best Times of the Year to Go for Umrah

5 Best Times of the Year to Go for Umrah

Best Times For Umrah Umrah is a greatest Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It is the religious act that Muslims can perform anytime or best times in a year without any time restrictions. It is one sacred form of worship that every Muslim wishes to perform at least once in their life time. […]

Perfect Muslim

Key Factors of a Perfect Muslim

Islam is a complete guideline for life. It emphasizes on doing good deeds for obliging Allah and His Apostles. This is why at many places Holy Quran speaks of the true believers as “Those who believe and do good deeds”. As believers of Allah, we should always want to adorn in our ranks in front […]

Benefits Hajj

Individual and Collective Benefits of Hajj

Benefits Hajj Benefits of Hajj – Allah Almighty has prescribed a variety of acts of worship to humanity with a goal to test them and show who the best people in deeds and righteousness are. For individuals vary in their attitude and character. One individual may favor one kind of worship and while another may […]

Shahadah-The Power of Islam

Shahadah – The Power of Islam!

Shahadah – Want to know what is making Islam the most powerful religion of all? Read on to reveal the Basic Power that triggers Islam to be the best religion on the Earth! Shahadah Islam is a complete code of life. It encapsulates the revelations from the Lord of the universe and ultimate Creator with […]