What to Know Before Visiting a Mosque

What to Know Before Visiting a Mosque?

Sanctity of A Mosque in Islam The mosque is the place of worship for the Muslims. Hence, mosques hold great reverence for Muslims. Not only mosques are a place of worship, but they also serve a lot of other purposes. Socializing is a very important part of Islam, as Islam is a religion that focuses […]

The Most Important Thing to Consider for Umrah

Things to consider for Umrah

Umrah is one of the most wonderful journeys you would ever accomplish in your life. It is the best way to heal your soul and make you realize the real purpose of life. For many people, Umrah is the start of their journey to the Guided Path, the Path that has been prescribed by Allah […]

Religious Tourist Places in Egypt

Religious Tourist Places in Egypt

Wonderful Egypt: – The ancient world preserved at its best can be seen in wonderful Egypt. This African country takes you back to times as old as 3000 BC. Egypt’s rich cultural and historical background makes it a unique experience, especially for those who have a taste for archaeology. The great structures and buildings constructed […]

Benefit of Surah Rahman

Benefit of Surah Rahman

Surah Rahman-the beautification of the Holy Quran: – Surah Rahman is the 55th surah of the Holy Quran. It contains 78 verses. It is present in the 27th siparah of the Holy Quran. Ar-Rahman is also known as the Beauty of the Quran. The Surah was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) while he was […]

Explain Why Family Life Is Important in Islam

Family Life Importance in Islam

Islam and the system of Family Life: – Islam gives a lot of importance to the system of family life. It vehemently encourages people to get married. Socially speaking, marriage is the foundation of a progressive, happy and content society. The instinct of man as created by Allah is that he wants to be loved […]