Do Muslim Children Fast in Ramadan

Do Muslim Children Fast in Ramadan?

Can your children fast? Being a true Muslim, we know this question bothers you the most in Ramadan. What merely is the right age to make them begin? There are Fatwas issued by scholars regarding when a child should start fasting. Being an adult, you still cherish the excitement of very first fast you kept […]

My First Umrah Experience

My First Umrah Experience

I Woke Up in Tears Dreaming is the biggest reality we see with our closed eyes and perceive it as an on-going happening. This is what went on with me one night. All I could hear was ‘Azaan’ and a blurred vision of square that was turning black bold and beautiful. There was a massive […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Fast in Ramadan

Fasting in Ramadan Fasting is the third important pillar of Islam. During Umrah in Ramadan, it is an obligation to every adult and healthy Muslim men and women to fast from dawn to dusk. During fast, they are not allowed to eat, drink, get close to their spouses, and misbehave. In Western countries, we are […]

Hajj Describe In Surah Baqarah

Hajj in Quran and Hadith

Hajj – As Described in Surah Baqarah The Hajj season is approaching. Trillions of Muslims are planning to congregate in Makkah and the solemn places to acknowledge Allah’s invitation to visit His co-op. As you scroll down, you’ll explore some of the Prophet’s hadiths related to Hajj. You will learn about the significance of this […]

What Does Ramadan Teach to Muslims?

What Does Ramadan Teach?

The new moon is the sign of the start of new Islamic month that comes with the festivities throughout the Muslim world. The holy month of Ramadan is all about fasting that brings a sense of togetherness which gives a break from daily routine life. Not only this, Ramadan is a way of training individuals […]

The 8 Doors of Jannah

The 8 Doors of Jannah

Gates of Paradise Doors The highly fortunate among st us are those who would be going to attain Jannah (paradise) doors. On the brink, every religion exuviates a bit of light on the promise of paradise but none of the books describes Jannah better than the holy Quran. As said in Bukhari Sharif that: “In […]

The 5 Pleasures of Paradise in Brief

The 5 Pleasures of Paradise in Brief

Pleasure of Paradise The belief of every Muslim individual revolves around the ideology of life after death. That means the current life they are living is temporary and after they die, they will again be raised on the Day of Judgment. Those who have managed to please their Lord ALLAH SWT with a life full […]